Adult Massage Therapies


I have studied with many fantastic tutors and regularly attend new courses.  I like to draw upon lots of different techniques to ensure you recieve a fully holistic experience.

Therapeutic/Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is relaxing but also remedial, easing up aching and stiff muscles, I really focus in and work on those knots and leave you feeling stretched and supple and re-energised.

60 mins £35  

90 mins £45  

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage works very deeply, and as well as relieving stiff muscles and pain, it can release emotional issues that have been stored in the body.

60 mins £35
90 mins £45

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is gentle but remedial and just wonderful for the mama-to-be.  A full hour or 90 minutes of absolute blissed out relaxation for you and baby.  Suitable after the first trimester.

60 mins £35
90 mins £45 including epsom salt foot soak & bespoke essential oil blend

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is a gentle and beneficial natural therapy with a profound effect on the mind and body. Aromatherapy utilises essential oils which are extracted from herbs, flowers and trees; each has a unique and beneficial effect.  Some essential oils help to relieve stress, improve sleep patterns and energy levels, whilst others may be used for their analgesic effect on aching muscles and joints.

60 mins £35
90 mins £45


Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment that clears blockages in energy flow to treat illness and relieve tension. Reflexology promotes relaxation, reduces pain, improves circulation and soothes tired feet.
60 mins £35 including epsom salt foot soak & bespoke essential oil blend
90 min £45 including epsom salt foot soak, leg massage & bespoke aromatherapy blend

Holistic Facials

A relaxing therapeutic facial that concentrates on massage to detoxify skin and body. Incorporating some hot stones too for your neck, shoulder, face and scalp massage using organic products chosen for your skin type.

60 mins £35 including bespoke aromatherapy blend
90 mins £45 including aromatherapy blend and foot massage

Hopi Ear Candles (thermal auricular therapy)

Hopi candles can be used for many conditions including deafness caused by excess wax, congested sinuses, irritation in the ears, ringing or noises in the ears, tinnitus, rhinitis, glue ear, colds, flu, headaches migraines and vertigo. As their action is so gentle, they are particularly suitable for children.

60 mins £35 including neck and shoulder, face or foot massage with bespoke aromatherapy blend

Gift Vouchers Available

Treat a loved one to a personal gift voucher.  This can be printed and sent directly to the recipient or emailed.


I work from the lovely Anahata Health Clinic, Kemp Town.


I’ve seen Lucy for both massage and reflexology for years now. Her lovely warm personality extends to her touch, I feel welcomed, cared for and always better. I can highly recommend.

Elaine, Brighton

I’ve had a course of several aromatherapy massages with Lucy and absolutely loved it! I came because I was feeling run down with fatigue and anxiety. Each time Lucy would take into account how I was feeling, other health issues, and devise a combination of oils to use. I found it such a positive experience from both a physical and emotional health point of view. My energy levels improved and anxiety went down.
Highly recommend.

E.L, Brighton

I had a massage with Lucy twice during my pregnancy and it made such a difference to how I felt in every sense. As well as working on the achy muscles, Lucy was genuinely empathetic and nurturing, which was just what I needed. As I relaxed, I felt the energy shifting in my body, un-sticking and moving freely again. I’d walked in feeling tired, tense and a bit serious; I came out feeling clearer, calmer and lighter – I could laugh again! It helped me to remember to look after myself, to get back in my centre – of course everything then falls into place. Thankyou so much, Lucy, you really know what a pregnant woman wants and needs! Healing on every level. I whole-heartedly recommend going to Lucy!

Helen, Brighton

Lucy gives absolutely fantastic pregnancy massages. So much so, that I had to book another one as soon as I could! The only problem I had is that they are so relaxing and soothing that I fell asleep while being massaged and I didn’t want to miss it! I would recommend Lucy to anyone and suggest you book straight away!

Rosie, Brighton

I went to Lucy a number of times during my late pregnancy and it was just a wonderful experience. Not only is pregnancy massage such a great way to unwind but lucy is herself a little gem, she’s such a lovely person and offered brilliant advice on everything from good supplements to take to good classes to attend post-baby. the best part is feeling the baby wriggle around throughout the massage – an excellent bonding experience! I definitely recommend pregnancy massage with lucy as a well needed treat during the final weeks!

Sophie, Brighton

Being a new mum is a new experience, you have a new little person to look after and this makes you forget about yourself. I was in need of a good therapeutic massage. I went to see Lucy at the Anahata Clinic and she was wonderful. She stretched my back, eased the tension on my lower back and what’s more important she made me feel relaxed! I would say it was the best massage I have ever had! That good that I had to give her a cuddle before I left! I will definitely re-book.

Ester, Hove

I went to see Lucy for a Deep Tissue Treatment as I had a lot of pain in my back, shoulder, upper arm and neck to the point where I was regularly taking pain killers. After two visits the pain in my back, shoulder and upper arm had completely gone, I had a further two visits and the pain in my neck has now completely gone and none of the pain has returned! Lucy is friendly, kind and has always put me completely at ease, after every massage I feel relaxed and alert, she is an excellent therapist who obviously knows what she is doing. I would highly recommend Lucy and have already done so to my friends and family.

Val, Herstmonceux

A reflexology session with Lucy is a delightful experience. Her fingers work sensitively and knowingly on your feet as she discovers all sorts of things about the inner workings of your body. Lucy has a very warm and friendly manner that inspires confidence. At the end of the session, you walk away feeling different, much lighter and brighter.

Margaret, Brighton

I had ten weekly sessions of reflexology with Lucy. Lucy is someone who immediatley makes you feel comfortable because of her kind and caring nature. She also makes sure that the room is comfy and relaxing. She really listened to what was going on for me and worked on areas of my feet corresponding to areas of my body I was having problems with. As well as this she would highlight any areas she found might be problematic. For me these sessions were the most relaxing hour of my week! Lucy carries out the treatment in such a caring and intuitive way. I honestly noticed that I felt more relaxed, healthy and balanced after this block of sessions.

Poppy, Brighton

After a course of reflexology sessions with Lucy it totally opened my eyes to a different type of massage. In the past I’ve had a range of massages and I’ve always felt that you need to be suitably pummelled to feel the benefits of massage but the reflexology really gets into your whole system through just your feet. It pinpoints the specific needs of your body in a really direct way and I found it generally helped my body find its natural flow. Highly recommended and a nice alternative.

Demelza, Brighton

From the moment I lay on the treatment couch, I knew I was in very good hands. Lucy is not only a brilliant reflexologist, getting right into any problem areas healing and balancing immediately, but she has such a calm, caring presence and intuitive touch. Even after the first session, I was feeling better and have continued to improve. An hour of reflexology with Lucy is really heaven, a dose of pure relaxation and I always drift off during the treatment knowing deep healing work is taking place and wake up with more energy. I would highly recommend Lucy for reflexology and I am so glad to have found her.

Anna, Brighton

I had a course of several aromatherapy massages with Lucy and absolutely loved it! I came because I was feeling run down with fatigue and anxiety. Each time Lucy would take into account how I was feeling, other health issues, and devise a combination of oils to use. I found it such a positive experience from both a physical and emotional health point of view. My energy levels improved and anxiety went down.
Highly recommend.

E.L, Brighton

Having an aromatherapy massage with Lucy really compliments her relaxing and intuitive massage technique. She puts a lot of thought into which essential oils best suit me emotionally and physically and makes blends that not only smell divine, but also explains how each component will benefit me.

Poppy, Brighton

Lucy mixes up amazing aromatherapy oil blends especially for me. She always remembers my favourite oils and uses them when therapeutically appropriate. The burner fills the room with a lovely, nurturing aroma and the oils used on my body are heavenly. I recommend everyone enjoy this lush experience.

Rasa, Brighton

An Indian Headmassage with Lucy is fabulous. I have found Lucy to be mindful of my disabilities. She has a gentle touch that has a profound effect on me. She is intuitive to where needs deeper pressure which results in releasing stress that builds up in my neck and shoulders. After a massage with Lucy I feel lighter, have less stress and sleep better. I would not hesitate in recommending Lucy.

Elaine, Brighton