Saskia & Roman

The baby massage course is a great way to spend relaxed time with other Mums and babies. I know that the strokes and techniques I have learnt will really help my baby's development and have already become part of his night time winding down routine. He enjoys it and so do I and I have learnt so much about his little body. Lucy is a great teacher who exudes warmth and knowledge. Her attention to detail, from the cosy mats to the beautiful music create a really nurturing environment in which to play and learn.

Suzanne & Ada

Lucy's baby massage class is a lovely, relaxing way to start the week. Both the mums and the babies really enjoy it. I think the babies find it relaxing - I know mine always has an especially good nap afterwards! You can practice at home too as part of the bedtime routine. There's always time for a chat afterwards with Lucy & the other mums, which is nice. And Lucy always puts a few chocs & sweets out - what could be better?! I'd recommend this class.

Laura & Poppy

Lucy's baby massage classes are excellent! I highly recommend them. The drop in class is relaxed, you learn lots, the babies love it and you get to chat with other mums too, whilst drinking tea and eating chocolate! Lucy explains all the techniques well and is happy to answer questions and offer advice too. Massage can help with so many baby related issues, teething, sleep, bonding etc. A chilled out class for mums and babies! Its great!

Sam & Lenny

Lucy's baby massage class is truly fabulous. I started taking my little baby boy at 7 weeks due to severe stomach cramping and wind problems following the recommendation of baby massage by my doctor. I was not at all disappointed as my little boy had his first peaceful night's sleep of more than 2 hour intervals following the class. His wind problems almost vanished overnight which was such a relief as it had been so upsetting watching him in pain. Following the class Lucy went out of her way and e mailed me with some tips and specific massage techniques to help combat my baby's difficulties whihc was incredibly thoughful.  Lucy has such a calming and relaxed style and makes both mum's and babies feels so welcome and relaxed. I would truly recommend her classes to any parent/babies with stomach difficulties, or just for relaxion purpses and a chance to bond with your baby.

Christina & Mathias

I joined Lucy's baby massage class when my second baby was about 3 months old and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for both of us. Lucy provided clear and easy to follow instructions and the atmosphere was warm, friendly, relaxed and supportive. Just what you need when you have a new baby. Meeting Lucy was a positive experience in itself. She was so inspiring and encouraging, bringing the group together yet making each of us feel special at the same time. I was surprised to discover how baby massage can be such a great bonding experience for parent and baby. I would recommend Lucy's baby massage classes to any new mum!

Sarah & Olive

At three months I was having a very difficult time with my baby. Neither of us were sleeping and consequently we  were both very grumpy. Lucy's baby massage classes were amazing. She is a brilliant teacher and the classes were incredibly calming for both of us. Baby massage helped me to bond and connect with my baby (which I was finding really hard at the time). Daily massage is part of our routine to this day. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lucy.

Zoe & Dexy

When Dexter was three months, he had bad dry patches on his skin, all over, but mostly on his legs. It was about this time we started going to Lucy's baby massage classes and we've been going ever since. It is such a great way to start the week. Lucy creates a really lovely friendly atmosphere with fairy lights, colourful toys, cushions, relaxing music and tea and sweets for all the mums. I now massage oil into Dexy's skin most mornings or after his bath using the strokes learnt in class, and the dry patches have now completely gone. I also find it relaxes him and he loves chatting to the other babies in class. We both really look forward to Monday mornings now.


I had a course of several aromatherapy massages with Lucy and absolutely loved it! I came because I was feeling run down with fatigue and anxiety. Each time Lucy would take into account how I was feeling, other health issues, and devise a combination of oils to use. I found it such a positive experience from both a physical and emotional health point of view. My energy levels improved and anxiety went down.

Highly recommend.


From the moment I lay on the treatment couch, I knew I was in very good hands. Lucy is not only a brilliant reflexologist, getting right into any problem areas healing and balancing immediately, but she has such a calm, caring presence and intuitive touch. Even after the first session, I was feeling better and have continued to improve. An hour of reflexology with Lucy is really heaven, a dose of pure relaxation and I always drift off during the treatment knowing deep healing work is taking place and wake up with more energy. I would highly recommend Lucy for reflexology and I am so glad to have found her.