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Beautiful Baby Massage Course 

Suitable from 4 weeks to 6 months

Next Course start Dates:

Thursday 25th april at 10:30

Thursday 23rd May at 10:30

Monday 10th June at 14:00

Thursday 20th June at 10:30

The Loft at Little Dippers

40-42 Upper Gardner Street


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Parents starting out on their Baby Massage journey are invited to start with my 'Beautiful Baby Massage Course' before graduating to the Drop In Classes which are a bit more fast paced!

This unique Baby Massage Course delivers a rich and nourishing experience for you and baby, blending massage strokes and yoga techniques to treat baby to a full body massage.

Each week we gradually build upon the strokes until you have a lovely routine to practice at home.   Baby is introduced gently and mindfully to the new experience, and you have the opportunity to absorb it all at an easy pace. If baby is sleeping or feeding, you or your partner can practice on a demonstration doll. 

The Course is very informal where you can connect with other like-minded parents and carers and feel welcome and supported.  You'll also receive a beautifully illustrated guide at the first session to keep. Partners or a loved one welcome to come along too. 

Week 1: Welcome and getting started on the Feet, Legs and Tummy

Week 2: Massaging the Chest, Arms and Hands

Week 3: Massaging the Face and Back

Week 4: Putting the whole routine together and Graduation with Certificate

£45 for 4 x 60 min classes including a lovely guide, bottle of oil and a certificate.  


Baby massage

Drop in Baby Massage

tuesdays 10.30 am

Please arrive 10 mins early to settle in. 

The Loft at Little Dippers

40-42 Upper Gardner Street


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Please do leave us a review on Hoop!

Please do leave us a review on Hoop!

These classes are ideal to come to after learning the basics on my Beautiful Baby Massage four week course. If however this day and time is the only time you can come to a class, you are most welcome to join us. These classes are a ‘bookable’ drop in, so you can book your single or your six sessions but can re-schedule at any time if you have to cancel.

Learning to massage your baby is an invaluable skill that will benefit you and your baby in so many amazing ways!

♥ Encourages and improves sleep

♥ Eases colic, trapped wind, constipation

♥Promotes bonding and attachment

Each session we make our way through a full body massage and work around a theme to empower you to help your baby through common infant issues such as colds, teething, digestive issues and so on.

A package of 6 classes with one free is £45, or £9 a session. 

Suitable for babies from 6 weeks to pre-crawling.  Partners and loved ones welcome to come along too.   

Classes are held in central Brighton where you can relax into a chilled out vibe in a beautiful space.

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Beautiful Baby Yoga Classes

Suitable from 8 weeks to pre-crawling

(An ideal progression from Baby Massage)

Fridays at 10:30

These classes are stretching, movement and yoga for Babies. Please note that it is not postnatal yoga for mums and babies!

The four week sessions are jam packed with fun and interactive moves and techniques. In one short session, the baby is given as much physical activity as they would receive if they were handled and carried all day.
We sing a lot so please have your singing voices at the ready!

The classes explore stretching and positions to:
♥ Increase strength, muscle tone and flexibility 
♥ Aids ailments and tummy troubles 
♥ Improves quality of sleep 
♥ Helps to calm a fractious baby and promotes relaxation
♥ Enhances bonding and attachment
♥ Stimulate brain development 
♥ Strengthens the immune system
♥ Aids co-ordination and increases body awareness 
♥ Increases self confidence and self esteem

The classes will give you lots of ideas for active play which baby will love to continue doing with you at home. 

Week 1: Stretch and Grow Routine for hips and arms 

Week 2: Car Seat Relief, stretches to uncurl from long journeys

Week 3: Yoga Flow Routine for the legs 

Week 4: Brain Gym Routine for overall co-ordination 

£45 for 4 x 60 minute classes. These classes are paid for in advance and can be booked in week by week and missed classes can be made up.