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Baby Yoga Stretch after long car journey

Car seats are inevitable! A part of modern parenting. If babies are in them for a long time, their hips can get quite stiff as the blood flow to the hips is compromised. Their back doesn’t get to stretch out. It’s also potentially quite bad for their digestion as they don’t have the opportunity to move any air bubbles through the intestines and can get quite congested.

Have fun with this short baby yoga sequence and I would love to know how you get on ♡ 

How does Baby Yoga help?

Doing this sequence for five minutes after getting baby out of their car seat will get the blood flowing to the joints, help the lower back to have a good stretch and get the intestines flowing again.


♡  Please consider waiting for your babies 6 week check before practicing baby yoga.

♡  If you have any concerns with your babies hips please clear with your GP before trying these stretches.

Before you start

♡  Please make sure you have waited around 45 minutes after your babies last feed to practice this sequence of movements.

♡ Find a comfortable space on the floor, turn off the TV, your phone and feel free from any distractions.

♡  Feel confident that your baby is happy, well and ready to participate.

Practicing the movements

♡  Make sure that you also feel happy and not stressed! Take a few deep breaths before you start. Shake out your arms and hands. Ask your baby or child if they are ready to try some fun yoga moves to help them feel better.

♡  Bring them close to you so they can see you and feel safe.

♡ Use a sing-song voice with lots of encouragement and praise.

♡  Only take the movements as far as baby wants to. If you come up against resistance, bounce the legs gently saying ‘relax’ and try again. All babies have different flexibility, if at any time they are uncomfortable please stop and try again another day!

I really hope this helps. Please leave a comment if this video has helped you or if you have had any success trying out the moves. Good luck!

Love Lucy ♡